Lean Into The Curve: Learn What’s Next in Education


We’re offering you a chance to not only build up that book bag this summer but to get informed and entertained without doing a lot of work. CER’s experts will personally curate your education reading material this summer! 


First, everyone who participates will get a copy of our CEO, Jeanne Allen’s book An Unfinished Journey: Education & the American Dream.


Next we will pick out 2 other random books for you from our Library, and you never know, one may even be signed.


What better way to stay socially distanced on the beach than with a great book?

All you have to do is make a minimum donation of $100, and CER will send you your summer reading material priority mail!

While you wait for our literary gifts, be sure to check out our evolving work creating a Future of School with better educational opportunities for all American students, as well as our groundbreaking work on the Blaine Amendment.